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Acanthe (French; Acanthus in English) is one of the finest foliage plants for the shrub border, native to the Mediterranean. There are different types of Acanthus based on its flower color, however, it is the leaves, not the flowers, which historically attracted attention…

Around 5th Century BC, a basket covered with a rooftop tile was left on the grave of a freeborn maiden of Corinth. It happened to be placed on an acanthus root, forcing the plant to grow alongside the basket and curl as it hit the tile. Callimachus, an architect and sculpture, was so inspired by the sight that he built columns after that pattern for the Corinthians- now known as the Corinthian Order.

More so, Acanthus was not only noticed by the Romans, it also had significance in Victorian England. In the language of flowers, Acanthus was the symbol of Art.

Therefore, we, Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol, chose our name because we value, both Order and Art. With the right order and appreciation of the Arts, an individual can master the most prominent skills known to conquest all aspects in life.
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