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“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot” -Clarence Thomas

Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol is the FIRST of its kind in Kuwait. It has been under establishment since 2006 and finally opened its doors in October 2009.

No matter what our position in life, every one of us interacts with many different people each day. Whether we are in the presence of individuals older than ourselves, or younger. Whether we work with people in positions higher than us, or lower-- or merely amongst our friends and family. The way we conduct ourselves in those situations make up the language of which our biography is written.

Etiquette is not only for those with financial means, nor is it a set of dry, rigid rules that one must follow to become worthy. Etiquette is simply the key to the unspoken rules of human interaction, allowing you to master the important life skills that lead to triumph in your professional and personal being.

Whether you are a parent looking to have your child master the art of social graces or a businessperson looking to enhance your repertoire of professional skills or perhaps those of your employees, Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol has specially designed courses/ classes to answer all your refinement needs.

Test your everyday etiquette knowledge by taking our ETIQUIZ

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